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“Executive Coaching and Mentoring for Measurable Breakthrough Performance”

Can you measure the Return on Investment from your coaching and mentoring?
Senior business leaders recognise the importance of coaching and mentoring but struggle to measure its impact and value on overall performance.

Some organisations have deployed traditional coaching and mentoring programmes for their staff but it is usually very difficult if not impossible to link and measure the impact of the coaching and mentoring on the organisation’s overall performance……How do you know you wouldn’t have got the same (or an even better) outcome without the coaching and mentoring programme?



AKA typically delivers at least a 15:1 Return on your Investment in the first few months
In response to this question and the need to demonstrate the measurable impact of Coaching and Mentoring, AKA has created DES-M.

DES-M is a new, unique, integrated and structured approach which is founded on delivering accelerated, tangible and financial benefits that secure and sustain Breakthrough Performance for key people and their organisations.

We work closely with our clients to define the Return on Investment (ROI) in the early stages and will only proceed when there is a clear business case which delivers benefit ratios many times more than the investment in DES-M.  Proof from clients show at least a 15:1 return on investment in the first few months of engagement.
For more information on the DES-M proposition please click here for a brochure (pdf format)
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