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      Breakthrough Performance for People, Projects and Organisations


Programme Management Certainty (PMC)
“working with you to create an environment of success for your projects and programmes ”

Are project and programme overruns costing you a fortune?
Increasingly, organisations are relying on the success of projects and programmes to achieve their business objectives.  This has amplified the need for new management skills, techniques and behaviours which go beyond traditional line management approaches.  Many organisations are experiencing challenges in delivering these projects and programmes evidenced by project overrun and spiraling costs.

PMC gives you the tools and techniques to deliver your projects and programmes on time, in full and to cost
 PMC is a unique, structured and integrated approach that can complement any in-house or proprietary project management methodology to achieve Breakthrough Performance for people and maximise project and programme delivery.

AKA achieves this by ensuring business and IT projects are delivered with 'certainty of outcome'.



Delivering benefits through addressing the key Human Complexities
PMC addresses the human complexities alongside the technical complexities (project methodologies, planning, milestone tracking etc.) by focusing on the behaviours people must adopt to ensure that projects and programmes are delivered successfully. This approach creates and sustains the best environment to deliver business benefits from projects and programmes both now and for the future.

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